“A group of passionate women take a matter into their own hands in an attempt to build a women's national ice hockey team starting from scratch while overcoming social stereotypes and life-changing events in and outside the hockey rink.”

About the film

Estonia hasn’t had a national women’s ice hockey team for 12 years until a group of action-ready women decides to make a change. A single mom from Kohtla-Järve East Estonia, a high school student from Viljandi Central Estonia, a freshly graduated butcher from Vastseliina South Estonia, a mechanic from Helsinki and a marketing company owner from Tallinn take the matter into their own hands. With the lead of Latvian former hockey player Inguna Lucachevisca, they built a national women's ice hockey team in an attempt to win the IIHF world championships women's division III 2022 in Serbia.

The team members experience financial struggles and face social stereotypes as they try to do something that is not popular in their country. As the sport is so newly developing in Estonia, there has been no time to bring up talented players and the team needs to be built in a very clever way to cover weaknesses on the technical side. People around them do not yet believe that ice hockey could seriously be a sport with widespread support.

Even though the team doesn’t have any financial support their bold moves bring results, women's hockey scores are reported in the local sports news for the first time ever. ‘Will Estonia be the first country where ice hockey is led by women, yet we are women in the men's world’ - notes the head coach Inguna


On Silver Heels is a Documentary film following the Estonian women's national ice hockey team’s journey from their first training camp to their first world championship while diving deep into the players' individual life stories. Reflection on the team's unique situation of being versatile in cultures and generations yet not talented in sports is on the story's surface. Observation of the players' individual stories highlights their difference, meanwhile seeing them on the ice blending into equally similar jerseys paints the viewer the human natural need for belonging and purpose found in unexpected circumstances.

The film is supported by the Estonian Film Institute, Cultural Endowment of Estonia and by a successful crowdfunding campaign



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