“We might speak many different languages here, but our goal here is to achieve an understanding in one language we all love - the language of Ice Hockey”

Documentary Sinopsis

A passionate group of ice hockey players take the matter into their own hands in an attempt to revive the national women’s ice hockey team while overcoming social stereotypes and gender inequality. The Estonian national women’s ice hockey team and video production company Vita Pictura teamed up to support the women’s sports and help the team in their future competitions. We hope to capture their journey in the documentary film! We started to document the story in August 2020 when the team got together for the first time in Skoda Ice Rink. Since then we have been investigating the story and getting to know the team players. This is the first time the story of the Estonian Women’s National ice hockey is being documented on film. This film is the main driver for gender equality in our society since women’s sports are not as much represented as men’s sports in general in Estonia. Having this film produced is crucial for the brave and talented players, in order to get the tools to achieve their dreams. Once the film is produced, it will be the driving force for getting the attention and support for the plight of women in the Estonian national sports. The best thing for any serious cinematographer is to make a meaningful documentary film that would capture important moments, especially the historic moments like this one. We believe that by making this film we are shaping and creating a culture in ice hockey gender equality and the sports in general.

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Production Team

Workshops & Support

We are organising filmmaking workshops to collect funds for the film production as well as for the national team’s practice. This is the first workshop organized by Vita Pictura and it is the perfect opportunity for you to become part of the documentary creation process while learning filmmaking directly from the industry professionals. You can purchase our workshops through the crowdfunding campaign or directly by contacting roman@vitapictura.ee. Workshops can be organised for any size of a group and time. Read more about the workshops below.

Vita Pictura Workshop

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